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Battlefield 2042 is getting a Santa-themed skin, and players aren't happy

Battlefield 2042
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Battlefield 2042 will get a Santa-themed skin in the near future, and the community isn't happy about it.

Earlier today on December 2, a Battlefield-dedicated Twitter account put out the tweet below. The fan-run Twitter account claims that one of the rewards on offer for the next week in Battlefield 2042 will be a Santa-themed skin for Specialist Boris, giving the character a charming red hood with a white brim.

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This has not gone down well with the Battlefield 2042 community, at all. Just below, you can see an example of one reaction to the post on the official Battlefield subreddit, where a user declares they'll be intentionally singling out and decrying the skin if they see it in the multiplayer shooter by denying them ammo and revives.

The post has hundreds of upvotes, and it's hardly the only one of its kind across the two main Battlefield-dedicated subreddits. There are at least five popular posts of users railing against the forthcoming skin for Boris, with some saying that it's somehow ruined the air of "authentic warfare" that's been in the Battlefield series for so long.

Well, there's not long until we see just how players do react to the Santa-themed skin arriving in Battlefield 2042. The new skin for Boris should be available at some point within the next week for EA DICE's new shooter, and we'll be able to see if players really do make life hell for those who choose to dress up like Santa while fighting on the battlefield.

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