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Batman: Arkham City's Nightwing DLC on sale now

Batman: Arkham City's first DLC, the Nightwing Bundle Pack, just went live on XBLA and PSN. Besides allowing you to play as Dick Grayson all grown-up and scowly, the pack adds two additional Challenge maps to the list of accessible areas, both within Wayne Manor.

Above: If your resume read “Master of multiple martial arts; trained by Batman,” you'd probably make a big deal about it too

The pack offers two skins for Nightwing: besides the regular Arkham City-style outfit, you can also don the Animated skin, which renders the character closer to his appearance within the WB cartoon series. Both play just the same – and as you can see from the trailer, that's a departure from Batman's play style, with a stronger reliance on speed and maneuverability. The pack's available now for 560 MSP or $6.99 on PSN, to be complemented by the Robin pack on Nov 22.