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Ubisoft Montreal's formerly secret project seems to mix elements of Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia.

Assassin's Creed FAQs

Assassin's Creed Hints

  • Xbox 360, PS3 | Submitted by Tubalicious

    How To Defeat Al-Mualim

    To defeat Al-Mualim after you beat all of his diversions when he takes out your health and your hud don't try to counter him with your sword or your knife use your hidden blade so no matter what if you counter him it'll be an instant kill it might take a couple times to get it right considering that you cant block attacks when using the hidden blade.

  • Xbox 360, PS3 | Submitted by Baxter

    Lucy's Deleted Message

    After The Credits

    After the credits, you can look at all the computers and drawings and what not, but on Lucy's computer, there is a specific message crucial to the meaning of "The Leak." This means that there are more assassins.

    When you log on to Lucy's computer by the animus bed, go to her deleted message, the first part you will read looks like an advertisement for some sort of enhancement... but in the text there are capital letters reading,

    "We Will Be There Soon"

    Lucy is the leak.

  • PS3 | Submitted by Assassin dude1066

    Destroy Market Stalls

    To destroy a market stall, you need to do it grab a citizen and throw him into the stall, which is easiest to do from the side. If you have done it correctly, the market stall will collapse on top of the guy in the stall and will kill all the people around it.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Z-Row

    Jump Assassination

    If you've spotted a guard directly under you, lock on to him and press R and X at the same time to jump on to him and kill him.

    Note: The guard must be close to you, if he was far away down Altair might not jump and kill him.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by the thief

    Pickpocketing Tips

    1. Always lock on to your target.
    2. After your lock on you just need to get not too far and not too close to your pickpocket target
    3. While you're walking to your target hold the pickpocket button (you will have your hand out so don't bump into anybody, you might just steal from them or something)
    4. Now that your hand is out, just keep on walking slowly until you get to the belt of the target (there is a pouch on the belt that it helps to aim for).


  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by gamermaster1901

    Real ending

    at the end

    Al Mualim only attacks you if you press the attack button while he tells you of his story. If you press the button while he is speaking, he engages with you in battle. It is hard to kill him, but since you already beat the game, it shouldn't be that hard.

  • Xbox 360, PS3 | Submitted by Seejay212

    Defeating Al Mualim

    In Al Mualims Castle you will find that he has the Artifact and has brainwashed everyone in Masyaf.

    He will send the 9 people you have assassinated at you all at once, and you must kill them all. After you have killed them, Al Mualim will paralyze you with the artifact and then you will have a boring conversation. After the talk, Al Mualim will Split up into about 9 or 10 Al Mualims! You must counter the real one and the illusion will cease.

    After that he will teleport to different locations in the Castle's back courtyard and all of your health will go down. Once you find him, before you attack him, throw a knife at him - otherwise, if you fail to counter him, he will just kill you in one hit. If you throw a knife at him and hit him all of your health will come back and he will not be able to kill you in one hit. Once you counter him, he will teleport again. He will do this about 3 more times. Just keep repeating until you kill him.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Apple of doom

    Secret Moves

    Jump Execution - When jumping over a guard tap X three times to do a jump kill.
    Sprinting Execution - While sprinting hold b when near a guard with throwing knives to do a one hit kill with your short blade.

  • PS3 | Submitted by Altair

    Easy Info Gathering

    When you are told by the leader of a HQ where to gather information, all the places to get it will be in the same section of the city (poor, medium or rich). the best idea is to then climb the viewpoints in that quarter to get access to all the information spots. This helps cause it means you can avoid the time limited ones (they're tough, hate 'em!) and taking the easy ones like pickpocketing or even eavesdropping! another hint for "please assassinate these people for me" missions is to lock onto them and keep as close as possible. they don't notice you unless you run. then wait till you are out of sight of guards (top left-hand triangle is all white) and use your hidden blade.

  • PS3 | Submitted by Ringman69

    Easy Assassination in Jerusalem


    Tip for Assassins Creed for Playstation 3:

    When you go to Jerusalem and do the assassination with the guards surrounding you, don't even try to fight them off. Instead, turn around and run up the ladder to get to the 2nd floor. Then a short cutscene will show your target running away and up another ladder. Hold down R1+x and run across the chandeliers and the ladder will be to the right. Run up that and another short cutscene will show your target on top of another building. Chase him down and have your wrist blade enabled. (press Right on the D-pad) Then press L1 to lock onto your target while still chasing him down. When you get close enough, it will show the word "Assassinate" for the Square button in the upper right hand side of the screen. Press it and you will complete your task. Then after another cutscene evade the guards by jumping onto building roofs, hiding, etc. Make your way over to the bureau to complete the memory.

    Submtted by Ringman69

Assassin's Creed Cheats

  • PS3 | Submitted by Eagle But

    Infinite Life

    Main Menu

    Circle, L2, X, Square, Triangle, R2, L2 - Infinite Life
    ed. note - this cheat has been reported to be false.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Assassin's Creed Flag and Templar Guide

    Find all 60 Templar and 420 flags with our Assassin's Creed flag guide!

  • PS3 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Assassin's Creed Flag Guide

    Find 420 flags and 60 Templar with our Assassin's Creed flag guide!

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Assassin's Creed Flag Guide

    Find 420 flags with our Assassin's Creed flag guide!

  • PS3 | Submitted by Robot Parade

    Animus Eagle Vision

    After you complete the main storyline Eagle Vision may be used anytime regardless of synchronization.

  • Xbox 360, PS3, PC | Submitted by Regulations

    Kill Anyone

    After you beat the Game, go back to story mode with the same game and you can kill anyone without losing life.

Assassin's Creed Unlockables

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by yoshileeiscute


    The Eagle and The Apple - 1191 (100) - Complete Assassin's Creed.
    Personal Vendetta (40) - Kill every Templar.
    Keeper of the Lions Passant (25) - Find All of Richard's Flags in the Kingdom.
    Keeper of the Creed (10) - Find All Flags in Masyaf.
    Keeper of the Four Gospels (20) - Find All Flags in Jerusalem.
    Keeper of the Crescent (20) - Find All Flags in Damascus.
    Absolute Symbiosis (45) - Have a complete Synchronization bar.
    Fearless (25) - Complete all Reach High Points.
    Hungerer of Knowledge (20) - See 85% of all the memory glitches.
    Defender of the People: Acre (20) - Complete every free mission in Acre.
    Defender of the People:Jerusalem (20) - Complete every free mission in Jerusalem.
    Defender of the People: Damascus (20) - Complete every free mission in Damascus.
    Conversationalist (20) - Go through every dialog with Lucy.
    Disciple of the Creed (30) - Assassinate all your targets with a full DNA bar.
    Eagle's Will (20) - Defeat 100 opponents without dying.
    Eagle's Flight (20) - Last 10 minutes in open conflict.
    Eagle's Prey (20) - Assassinate 100 guards.
    Blade in the Crowd (30) - Kill one of your main targets like a true assassin.
    Eagle's Challenge (20) - Defeat 25 guards in a single fight.
    Eagle's Swiftness (20) - Perform 100 Counter Kill in Fights.
    Eagle's Dive (20) - Perform 50 Combo Kills in Fights.
    Eagle's Talon (15) - Perform 50 stealth assassinations.
    Eagle's Dance (10) - Perform 50 leaps of faith.
    The hands of a Thief (15) - Pickpocket 200 throwing knives.
    March of the Pious (5) - Use Scholar blending 20 times.
    Eagle's Eye (15) - Kill 75 guards by throwing knives.
    Enemy of the Poor (5) - Grab and Throw 25 Harassers.
    Gifted Escapist (5) - Jump through 20 merchant stands.
    Keeper of the Black Cross (10) - Find All Teutonic Flags in Acre.
    Keeper of the Order (10) - Find all Templar Flags in Acre.
    Keeper of the 8 Virtues (10) - Find All Hospitalier Flags in Acre.

    Additionally, there are thirteen secret achievements.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Snark

    Secret Acheivements

    Visions of the Future (50) - A strange vision has appeared to you. What could it mean?
    The Blood of a Corrupt Merchant (25) - Slay Tamir, Black Market Merchant in Damascus.
    The Blood of a Slave Trader (25) - Slay Talal, Slave Trader of Jerusalem.
    The Blood of a Doctor (25) - Slay Garnier de Naplouse, Hospitlier Leader in Acre.
    The Blood of a Regent (25) - Slay Majd Addin, Regent of Jerusalem.
    The Blood of the Merchant King (25) - Slay Abul Nuqoud, Merchant King of Damascus.
    The Blood of a Liege-Lord (25) - Slay William of Montferrat, Liege-Lord of Acre.
    The Blood of a Nemesis (25) - Slay Robert de Sable, but there is one more...
    The Blood of a Teutonic Leader (25) - Slay Sibrand, the Teutonic Leader of Acre.
    The Blood of a Scribe (25) - Slay Jubair, the Scribe of Damascus.
    Welcome to the Animus (20) - Successfully complete the Animus tutorial.
    Hero of Masyaf (20) - Protect Masyaf from the Templar invasion.
    The Punishment for Treason (20) - Find the traitor and bring him before Al Mualim.