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A new Tintin game is in the works from studio behind the upcoming XIII Remake

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A new Tintin action-adventure game is in the works for PC and consoles, based on the hugely popular Belgian comic book series from Hergé. 

French developer Microids and Moulinsart announced this new adaption of the iconic comic today and, although no specific release date or console platforms were detailed in the press release revealing the news, Microids teased that the untitled project will "transport the player into a whirlwind of incredible situations and suspense hand in hand with the legendary Tintin and Snowy characters."

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The studio - which is also working on a remake of cult classic shooter, XIII - also teased appearances from fan favourite characters of the comic book such as Captain Haddock, Thomson & Thompson, and professor Calculus, with Microids CEO Stéphane Longeard describing the opportunity to develop a new adventure for Tintin as "a dream come true."

"The adventures of Tintin transported millions of readers worldwide and this opportunity will allow us to put our talents at the service of one of the biggest creators of the 20th century and its inked hero," said Longeard. "Our team members are fans of the famous reporter and will do their best to pay this franchise a vibrant homage. We can’t wait to kick-off this project!” 

Microids will work closely with Moulinsart, who hold the Tintin license, to ensure an authenticity in bringing the character to the small screen of interactive entertainment, and both promised that more details about the project - including its title and artwork - will be announced soon. 

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