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7 potentially spoilery things we learnt about Star Trek Discovery season 2 at San Diego Comic Con

Star Trek Discovery's first season left us wanting more, and now - thanks to a panel at San Diego Comic Con 2018 - we're starting to find out what might be in store for the crew in season 2. Thanks to the intrepid tweeting of our sister publication SFX magazine, here are all the most important details straight from Hall H. Just beware, there are potential spoilers ahead. 

You can watch season 2 in January, but there's a Christmas present coming

Someone has made a miraculous medical recovery

New season, new boss

Of course the celebrity Vulcan is coming back

Commander Saru will go all MTV Cribs

Rebecca Romijn, AKA the original Mystique from X-Men, joins the cast

Jason Isaacs might be gone, but he's not forgotten

We'll bring you more new as we have it, but the next season is shaping up to be just as exciting as the first. “We’re syncing up with canon, so there’ll be a lot of [Easter eggs] this year,” promises Kurtzman.

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