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4oD and ITV Player launch on PS3. We suggest watching The Inbetweeners and freeing Deirdre

Good news, sports fans. Or, in this case, TV enthusiasts. Today, UK channels ITV and Channel 4 released their catch-up TV services on PS3. 4oD and ITV Player join the BBC’s iPlayer, as the ways to use your PS3 as a glorified tele box expand by the day.

Above: Seriously, 'FREE DEIDRE!'

Speaking recently, Robin Pembroke,’s managing director remarked his company’s PS3 deal demonstrated an “acceleration of distribution strategy”. Wooh!

If you can contain your excitement for just a few more seconds, we’ll recommend some TV-related stuff you might be interested in watching on the new services…

Peep Show

The Inbetweeners

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart


Frankie Boyle's Tramadol Nights

Above: Peep Show - it's better than being poked in the eye by a tramp's cock

Eh… Coronation Street?

Admittedly, ITV is a festering wasteland of shit TV. But at least you might get to finally find out what’s in Betty’s Hot Pot.

Above: We hear the secret ingredient is porcupine

Dec 14, 2010

Source: CVG