How to use the Atomic Heart scanner

Atomic Heart scanner
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Deploy your Atomic Heart scanner by double-tapping R1/RB to see objects through walls and learn vital information about attacking enemies. Using the scanner isn't especially well-explained by the Atomic Heart UI, but it's an integral part of your arsenal and something that you should be making frequent use of - it's essential for finding lootable objects, certain puzzle mechanics, and can tell you what damage types a robot is resistant to. Here are the basics on how to use the Atomic Heart scanner and how it can help you. 

How to use the scanner in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart scanner

(Image credit: Focus Entertainment)

To use the Scanner in Atomic Heart, double tap R1 or RB (depending on the controller you're using), and then hold it down, at which point P-3 will hold up his fingers in an L-shape - and the scanner will activate!

Atomic Heart animal tank puzzle

Atomic heart animal tank puzzle

(Image credit: Focus Entertainment)

Learn the grizzly solution to the Atomic Heart animal tank puzzle here.

While the scanner is active, important things in the world that are nearby will be highlighted - even through walls - so long as you're holding down the button. Interactable objects glow white, lootable objects glow blue, and enemies glow red. If you also directly look at an enemy while scanning, it'll tell you the weapons and damage types that they are resistant and vulnerable to, what resources they drop and more besides! However, you can't do anything else while scanning - no attacks or anything beyond slowed movement, though there's no Atomic Heart sprint function for you to give up on, so I guess it evens out.

This means that when entering a new area, one of our best Atomic Heart tips is to immediately pull out the scanner and sweep what's around you, checking for enemies, loot and cameras alike with its x-ray power, as well as considering what they'll be weak to. It pairs well with stealthy tactics, though it's true to say that the hazy, silhouette appearance of enemies through the scanner can make it difficult to tell what direction they're facing a lot of the time. Use it liberally, but also be aware of its limitations. It also uses a similar input as the Atomic Heart telekinesis power, so be careful not to get those confused.

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