Atomic Heart telekinesis and throwing objects explained

Atomic Heart using telekinesis power to move cold Fahrenheit sphere through pipe
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Using Atomic Heart telekinesis allows you to grab small objects with your sentient glove and telekinetically throw them to distract enemy robots and cameras. The basic telekinesis ability isn't meant for combat and is purely for stealth situations and puzzles as you can manipulate small objects around you. Although, you can spend some Neuropolymer at a Nora upgrade station on the Mass Telekinesis power that's more focused on aggressive Atomic Heart play. If you want to use the basic version of the power, here's how you use telekinesis in Atomic Heart.

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How to use telekinesis in Atomic Heart to move and throw objects

To use Telekinesis in Atomic Heart, you need to find an object that can be telekinetically lifted, and hold and release R1 or RB, depending on your controller. Yes, the same button for the Atomic Heart scanner and for sucking up loot and resources. With an object in P-3's telekinetic grasp, hold and release R1 or RB again to throw the object. It's not an especially powerful throw in that launching things at angry bots won't deal damage, but you can lob a cardboard box across a room.

Atomic Heart telekinesis throw object

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Lockpicking puzzles

Atomic Heart finger snap lock

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Telekinesis helps you avoid cameras, but you must solve Atomic Heart lockpicking puzzles to bypass more security

The primary function of this power is distraction and you're limited to telekinetically grabbing small, loose boxes and crates - nothing heavy, and nothing living, at least in this basic form. It's introduced as a way to lure the attention of Dandelion security cameras, but it's also necessary for certain puzzles. Later on you'll have to move freezing orbs through some pipes into overheated boilers, using the telekinetic power given to you, though for some puzzles, like the Atomic Heart animal tank puzzle or the Atomic Heart station master puzzle, it won't be a factor.

How to use telekinesis on enemies

Atomic Heart telekinesis throw object

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You can use telekinetic power on enemies by buying the Mass Telekinesis power from Nora upgrade station robots. The initial power costs 66 Neuropolymer to buy, and lifts enemies into the air, leaving them vulnerable. There's no way to throw enemies with it, but there is an upgrade where it causes enemies lifted to then be slammed back down on the ground, dealing damage to them. Close enough, right? Of course, a better early upgrade might the movement speed boost to alleviate the lack of an Atomic Heart sprint function - especially if you're more focused on escaping than attacking.

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