Asura's Wrath achievements and trophies guide

Too Legit to Quit

15 Points/Bronze Trophy
If at first you don't succeed...

Here’s your reward for dying. Yep, all you need to do is die and restart a checkpoint. Once you do, you will receive this.

Unstoppable Force

20 Points/Bronze Trophy
Defeat a certain number of enemies while in Unlimited Mode.

When you fill the Unlimited Gauge, the small bars under your Burst Gauge, you will then have the ability to activate Unlimited Mode. To acquire this, you will need to defeat 100 enemies while in this state.

View of the Valley

15 Points/Bronze Trophy
Give in to your male instincts.

While in the hot springs during Episode 10: Words of Wisdom, you will have a female attendant beside you in the water. Use the right analog stick to move your view around. Focus on her breasts and she will react, while this achievement/trophy pops up.


90 Points/Gold Trophy
Complete all episodes on Hard.

For this you will need to complete all 19 episodes while on Hard difficulty. You don’t need to get A ranks or S ranks, just finish each and every episode.

Who Needs Health?

90 Points/Gold Trophy
Complete all episodes with a certain gauge equipped.

When you S rank 10 different episodes, you will receive the Mortal Gauge. This gauge will decrease your health bar, but thankfully there’s no requirement of difficulty that you need to complete each episode on. Therefore you can equip the Mortal Gauge and complete the game on Easy to get this achievement/trophy the quickest.

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