Conquering London should be a bit smoother thanks to AC Syndicate patch

Sure there's our four-star review, but the latest patch notes for Assassin's Creed Syndicate (opens in new tab) also speak volumes (opens in new tab) to how much the game improved on its predecessor. Where Assassin's Creed Unity (opens in new tab) patches were large, lengthy, and accompanied by apologies, Syndicate's latest patch is relatively straightforward; some NPC navigation fixes here, some graphical pop-up tweaks there. It's live for Xbox One and PS4 right now, and you can check out the full notes below.

We'll have to see if future installments follow Syndicate's lead, but I must say, it's been encouraging to see Ubisoft's handling of this particular sequel. Whether it's just all-around better optimization and fewer bugs or handing out free DLC (opens in new tab) (even though, yes, there is plenty of paid DLC and microtransactions), it feels like Assassin's Creed is getting back on the right track.

Full notes:

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Update
Latest Version: 1.2
Download size: Between 700 to 750 MB (approx)

Improved performance and stability

Fixed an issue where there was no rating for the final mission
Fixed an issue where the Trophy/Achievement descriptions were in English when the user put his system language to "French (Canada)"

Fixed an issue where the lip-sync was not synchronized with the cinematics
Fixed an issue where the subtitles weren't exactly matching the audio
Fixed some issues with some audio missing or being played incorrectly

Fixed some collisions issues for carriages and trains
Fixed some spawning issues with the vehicles

AI/NPC Fixed some popping issues
Improved reactions for the allies
Improved reactions for NPC on the ground
Improved reactions for NPC on carts and trains
Improved navigation for NPC

Game System Fixed some issues with the replay system
Fixed some balancing issues
Fixed an issue where the gun might be missing in the inventory after acquiring it in the "Whitechapel Conquest" mission
Fixed an unlocking issue with the Train Raids
Fixed an issue with the "Artisan" Trophy/Achievement

World/3D/Menu/HUD The Time Anomaly icon was increased to have a better visibility on the map
Fixed some issues with the messages for the mission in the HUD
Fixed some icon issues
Fixed some lighting issues
Fixed some low resolution and corrupted texture issues
Fixed some level of detail issues
Fixed issues with props in the world

Fight Fixed some issues during fights with NPCs
Fixed issues with counter attacks
Fixed some camera issues

Mission Fixed an issue in the Fight Club
Fixed an issue where the player could not enter the Time Anomaly mission
Fixed some issues with the mission objectives and secondary constraints not updating properly
Fixed issues with the fast travel
Fixed some issues where the missions could be blocked after some cinematics
Fixed some issues with Crawford Starrick in the last mission, "A Night To Remember"

Behavior Fixed some issues with the coerce system
Fixed some issues with the cover system
Fixed some issues with the parkour and navigation
Fixed some animation issues
Fixed some camera issues
Fixed some issues with the rope launcher
Fixed an issue where the player could sometimes fall under the map

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