Assassin Creed Odyssey anniversary update adds fabulous winged horse

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

The latest Assassin Creed Odyssey update comes as the game enters its second year, and to celebrate Ubisoft is giving all Odyssey players a new mount. The Melaina Mount is a winged horse named after the nymph from Greek mythology. I'd say it's more of a unicorn judging from the horn protruding from its head, but the press material explicitly calls Melaina a "magnificent horse." Semantics aside, Melaina will arrive later this month, free to anyone with a copy of Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

The new developer update also reveals Odyssey's final title update and breaks down the new schedule for epic encounters. Throughout October, you'll have second chances at encountering a different epic mercenary or ship. Thursday's epic encounter will be with Polycaste the Jilted, Friday's is Edonos the Charging Bull, and Saturday's is Shapur the Unforgiving. Check out the full schedule to see if you can catch an epic encounter you missed before.

You'll also reap a significantly increased amount of Orichalcum during the event period. Triumphing in an epic encounter will deal 15 Orichalcum, meaning you can earn 105 in a week compared to the usual 40. If you want something from Oikos of the Olympians, act quick because epic encounters return to their usual schedule and reward system in November.

Title update 1.5.1 releases sometime in October and primarily deals with bug fixes, although Ubisoft says we should learn more in the time leading up to launch.

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