Archer season 11 will return to the classic spy set up, confirms star Chris Parnell

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Archer is back for season 11… at some point. The show was originally set to return this month but has had its release date pushed back indefinitely. That hasn’t stopped Chris Parnell, who voices Cyril on the show, from teasing what’s to come (we’re not doing phrasing anymore), the actor confirming to GamesRadar+ what we all expected after the season 10 finale – Archer is going back to basics.

“Season 11 will show an interesting progression for Cyril,” Parnell says of the upcoming changes to his character. “Because of Archer having been in a coma, we see how the group has flourished in the absence of Archer and that becomes a big part of the season and the early episodes, Archer coping with that. We see Cyril excel in a way we generally haven’t generally up until now so that was fun to go to that.”

So, new season, new Cyril. But diehard fans of the show will be pleased that the show is reverting to type elsewhere.

What began as a show following the lives of those working for the unfortunately-named spy agency ISIS morphed into a series that has gone on to wear several hats. Since the seventh season’s departure to Hollywood and Archer being shot and placed into a coma, the following seasons have ranged from noir tales, adventures set on Danger Island, and even a season set in space.

But now that Archer is awake again, as revealed in the final episode of season 10, it’s “back into the spy game and back into the normal, basic Archer scenarios,” according to Parnell.

After years of dream-filled detours away from the Danger Zone, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Meanwhile, you can hear Parnell in the new season of Rick and Morty which is currently airing on Hulu in the US and is coming to Channel 4 in the UK. You can find more information in our stream Rick and Morty global guide. You might also want to check out our guide on how to Stream Archer online for every season so far.

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