Apex Legends has been offline on PC for hours and brudda, it's the worst - Update: It's coming back

Update: After at least five hours of downtime, the Apex Legends server outage on PC finally seems to be resolving. I was able to succesfully load into the main menu (after being trapped at the initial load screen) and Respawn Entertainment says that should be the case for more and more players.

Original story: It isn't just you, Apex Legends servers are down on PC. The outage has been ongoing since at least 5 am PST / 8 am EST / 1 pm GMT, stranding PC players in an eternal loading screen before they can access the hot new battle royale game from Respawn Entertainment. Fate is being especially cruel because Apex just got its first new weapon via a post-launch update, the hard-hitting and extra-adaptable Havoc energy rifle.

If you didn't have time to log in and play with Havoc yesterday (like, er, me) now all you can do is stare at the little loading spiral go 'round and 'round as you imagine what it would feel like to kit it out with your choice of Hop-Up mods. Nooooo.

Respawn is directing queries about the game's server status to the official EA Help Twitter account. This is all it's had to say about the Apex Legends PC server outage so far, which was also posted three hours ago. Maybe enjoy some Apex Legends memes for the time being?

The extended, unplanned outage is both a bummer and pretty out of character for Apex. Its first few weeks have been remarkably stable despite attracting tens of millions of players, with just a spot of downtime here and there. Its online service was especially smooth and problem-free compared to that other big online game EA's doing right now, Anthem.

At least Apex Legends' console versions are still doing fine. Maybe consider this an invitation to try things on the gamepad side if you're a PC player who also has a PS4 or Xbox One laying around. It's free-to-play so you might as well keep it installed on everything, especially while we're waiting for Apex Legends cross-play to arrive.

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