Apex Legends gets a Twitch Prime pack with a thicc Pathfinder skin, here's how to claim yours

Apex Legends (opens in new tab) is as generous with F2P shooting fun as it is stingy with flashy loot, so this bonus Twitch Prime pack arrives not a moment too soon. All Twitch Prime subscribers can claim the pack, which includes a Legendary skin for Pathfinder and five bonus Apex Packs (AKA loot boxes with a randomized assortment of 3 items each). Remember, if you have Amazon Prime, you're also entitled to a free Twitch Prime subscription! Even if you just use a free trial!

Here's a closer look at the Pathfinder skin, which is called Omega Point. It uses the same model as the Angel City Pacer and Quicksilver skins, but with a new purple-and-carbon-fiber look. It all works together to create a sort of 'curvaceous dune buggy Decepticon' effect.

What you personally get in the Apex Packs will vary, but buying five from the store would normally cost you 500 AC (about $5/£4). Here's how you can claim your own Apex Legends Twitch Prime Pack.

  • Go to this page (opens in new tab).
  • Click the big "Claim Now" panel in the center of the page.
  • Follow the links to log into your Twitch Prime account.
  • Continue to follow the links to log into your EA account. Make sure you use the one you play Apex Legends with!
  • Log into Apex Legends on your platform of choice (whichever platform you log into first will get the Twitch Prime pack) and you should see this screen if everything went right.

The Pathfinder skin will appear under his Legends page, and your Apex Packs will drop into the upper right corner of the Play screen where they normally land. Hopefully Twitch subscribers can look forward to more Apex Legends bonuses in the future, as Twitch often gives out more than one set of goodies for the same game.

Want more stuff? Check out how the Apex Legends Battle Pass (opens in new tab) will work when it kicks off in March. 

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