Apex Legends' gets a new time-limited mode next week

TDM Deadeye
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Respawn has outlined Apex Legends' next time-limited mode (TMD) and its "all-new Veiled Collection Event" for Apex Legends: Revelry.

Running from April 25 to May 9, Apex Legends: Revelry's TDM Unshielded Deadeye will feature Legends wielding limited rotating loadouts in a race to rack up 50 kills with no helmets or shields.

But that's not all. To complement the new mode, Respawn is dropping 24 new cosmetic items, too, which can be unlocked throughout the event, including new Legendary skins for Wattson, Rampart, and Gibraltar. Unlock them all, and you'll secure Caustic’s new Prestige skin, Apex Contagion.

Players can also earn "additional items" with the event’s rewards track during this time as well. 

"Embrace the mystique of the Veiled Collection Event with the new limited-time mode: TDM Unshielded Deadeye," EA and Respawn tease. "It’s a true test of skill with limited loadouts that rotate each match, no shields, and no helmets. 

"Caustic’s Prestige Skin – Apex Contagion – will be yours if you collect all 24 time-limited cosmetic items. Nobody is quite what they seem at a masquerade, so be ready for anything."

A little while back, Summerfall Studios character artist Jess Lee published her mock-ups for a Wraith dating sim on Twitter. The incredibly talented artist posted just one screen from her personal Apex Legends project, and that was all it took to be showered in praise from Wraith and Apex Legends fans alike.

As Hirun summarized for us at the time, Lee then followed up with a few more sprite-based designs of Wraith for the dating sim. Unfortunately, though, this Apex Legends project technically isn't a dating sim. 

"It's more of a Wraith chat sim,"  the artist said at the time. "You just talk to her for 10 minutes sort of thing, and see where it goes, and then she leaves. You can't date her." Sorry, Wraith fans. 

Respawn recently unveiled new swimsuit skins for Apex Legends, and everyone was down bad for one character in particular. 

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