Apex Legends fan mocks up fantastic Wraith dating sim

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An Apex Legends fan has mocked up a Wraith dating sim, and it looks absolutely lovely.

Earlier this week, Summerfall Studios character artist Jess Lee published her mock-ups for a Wraith dating sim on Twitter. The incredibly talented artist posted just one screen from her personal Apex Legends project, and that was all it took to be showered in praise from Wraith and Apex Legends fans alike.

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"omg... this would be amazing. if you were able to get a small team for something like this, a lot of people would love it!" one Twitter user wrote on response. "Well I would sell my arm for such an amazing thing!!!" posted another similarly enthused Twitter user.

Lee followed up with a few more sprite-based designs of Wraith for the dating sim. The two character designs just below look perfectly charming, exactly the sort of thing you'd want from a game where players can date their favorite Apex Legends character.

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However, this Apex Legends project technically isn't a dating sim. Although Lee's project might have all the trappings of a dating sim, "it's more of a Wraith chat sim," says the artist on Twitter. "You just talk to her for 10 minutes sort of things and see where it goes and then she leaves. You can't date her," Lee added.

This is sad times for those unhinged Wraith fans who really, really want to date the character, but there's still a lovely dating sim-style game to be found. Hey, maybe one day Respawn themselves will make fan's dreams a reality and bring an Apex Legends dating sim into existence. 

Last week Respawn unveiled new swimsuit skins for Apex Legends, and everyone was down bad for one character in particular. 

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