Apex Legends' new swimsuit skins have fans predictably down bad

Apex Legends
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Apex Legends is finally introducing swimsuit skins, and fans are, somewhat predictably, going utterly feral over them.

Earlier today, on March 23, Respawn Entertainment unveiled the Sun Squad Collection Event, which will begin next week on March 28, and run until April 11. The draw of this event is that Respawn is finally unleashing swimsuit skins on the battle royale shooter, after many years of fan requests.

What everyone's having a meltdown over is Loba's swimsuit skin, because of course they are. Loba has always been the focus of the hornier part of Apex Legends' fan base, and now they've finally got a swimsuit skin after years of begging (and borderline harassing) Respawn for it.

This would normally be where we highlight some fans' responses, but they're a bit too deranged for anyone to see. We'd also perhaps show off some of the swimsuit requests for Loba, but again, the dreams of horny fans are nothing to which anyone should be unwillingly subjected.

Elsewhere, Catalyst, Ash, Gibraltar, Seer, and Mirage are all donning beach-appropriate attire and heading to the sea. There are also new summer-themed skins for the Flatline, Wingman, Havoc, Rampage, and Charge Rifle weapons, perfect for if you thought the murderous weapons lacked a little flair. 

Finally, there's a brand new mode for the event: Heatwave. Appropriately, this mode periodically deals sun-based damage over parts of the map, so you'll need to get to shade or shelter under structures to avoid taking damage. Mercifully, Heat Shields have a bigger radius, so better protect you from the sun if you're caught out in the open.

Loba thirsting aside, the Sun Squad Collection Event has a lot of exciting new features going for it. Here's hoping everyone can be a bit more normal about Loba in-game now.

Don't forget: Apex Legends' lore tab is a game-changer if you're looking to catch up on any story events. 

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