Meet the famous voice actors bringing Anthem to your ears

After our ears realized that one of the market traders in Anthem's Fort Tarsis was voiced by Bob's Burger star Kristen Schaal, we went digging to find the other famous faces behind Anthem's cast of freelancers, merchants and anxious civilians. As you can see from the video, Bioware has sourced talent from other games, like Final Fantasy 15 and The Last of Us, and from hit TV shows like Doctor Who, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Spartacus, 30 Rock, and even The Inbetweeners.

"He seems to depend on the advice of others without making choices of his own," says 30 Rock's Jack McBrayer of his character Amal."He’s an eager person. He has a good relationship with his boss Max. You have to have a certain personality to be a decent bartender, so I suspect he was Employee of the Month at some point in his life."

According to Spartacus star Nick Tarabay, playing a role in Anthem is a mix of theater and good old fashioned fun. "I feel like a kid when I’m doing video games. That’s why I got into acting to begin with; I have a wild imagination. They put you in this field, and say, 'Imagine this is happening,' so it’s a lot of imagination. So, you can’t really help but feel like a kid. Which I love. Any chance I get to be that kid again, I’m all for it."

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