Animal Talking host Gary Whitta is starting a Fall Guys talk show

(Image credit: Gary Whitta)

Screenwriter Gary Whitta is taking some time off from hosting an Animal Crossing talk show to... host a Fall Guys talk show.

The Rogue One writer, streamer, and former PC Gamer EIC has been staging full-blown productions in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, with guests the likes of Elijah Wood, Danny Trejo, and Selena Gomez appearing on the in-game talk show. Understandably, after almost four months of producing the show, Whitta revealed that he's putting Animal Talking on hold "for a week or two." Just a few hours later, he tweeted this:

"Animal Talking may be taking a break but the chat never stops! Stand by for an all-new celebrity talk show debuting soon, co-hosted by me and Kate Stark! No-one from yellow team allowed - sorry I don't make the rules, Fall Guys does."

Whitta hasn't expounded on Talk Guy's premise, but given the chaotic nature of the game, it probably won't have the same setup as Animal Talking, which was inspired by and follows a similar format to classic late-night talk shows like The Larry Sanders Show. On the contrary, it should be fun watching media-trained celebrities wrestle with Whitta's questions as they run from would-be tail thieves and dodge giant fruit.

The show is being co-hosted by popular streamer Kate Stark, who's also Stage Manager on Animal Talking. No news yet on which guests we can look forward to on Talk Guys.

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