Anbernic is making the Sega Saturn handheld I’ve been waiting for a reality

Anbernic Sega Saturn handheld with Street Fighter 2 gameplay on screen
(Image credit: Anbernic)

I’ve been waiting for, let’s say, around 15 years for a Sega Saturn handheld, and console makers Anbernic just revealed that they’re on the case. A fresh demonstration of an engineering sample showcases the portable’s Saturn-inspired shape, buttons, and colorways, as well as some gameplay that’s sure to delight fans of the PlayStation’s ‘90s rival.

Anbernic isn’t a stranger to the best gaming handheld battlefield, and the company knows its stuff when it comes to emulation devices. Many manufacturers catering to the retro scene normally stick with a Gameboy-inspired design, which admittedly gets a bit samey after a while. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some grey, rectangular plastic, but you’re more likely to catch my attention these days by turning one of my favorite controllers into a standalone console. And that’s exactly what Anbernic is about to do with its next project, so you’ll want to stick with us if that gives you ‘shut up and take my money’ vibes. 

Over on Anbernic’s YouTube channel, the company shows off the RG ARC, an “Android+Linux dual system” that comes in a few familiar colors. The clip kicks things off by revealing a design based on the Japanese White Sega Saturn, complete with its colorful buttons and iconic maroon triggers. Additional colorways include the translucent version of the console and a more conservative black edition that looks closer to the system you’d have picked up in the West. 

Being an Android device, the handheld will also be able to handle various other emulated platforms, with Anbernic listing the Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, and Arcade systems as examples. In theory, it should be able to handle original PlayStation games just fine too, which is amusing considering its rival shape. 

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the Anbernic RG ARC, so stay tuned for release date and price information when it becomes available. From what we can tell, playing classics like Capcom vs Street Fighter on this handheld’s four-inch IPS display is going to be a pure joy, and it might save me getting the original console out every time I’m itching to throw a few punches in my favorite 90’s fighting romps.

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