Among Us adds new roles and a storefront for cosmetics

Among Us just added a big new update that includes several new roles with unique abilities that could fundamentally change how the game is played. There's also a storefront with new cosmetics, a battle pass, achievements, and more.

InnerSloth detailed all of the new additions in the above trailer, which reveals three new Crewmate roles; Scientist, Engineer, and Guardian Angel; and one new Impostor role, the Shapeshifter. Scientists are able access their crew's vitals at any time, which could be key to getting ahead of the Impostors. The Engineer is able to use the vents in the maps to get around, and the Guardian Angel can cast a protective shield around remaining Crewmates after they've perished. Finally, the Shapeshifter role lets you disguise yourself using a disguise that looks like any Crewmate of your choosing.

There's also a new storefront in Among Us that lets you buy cosmetics using XP earned from playing the game as well as real-world money. The storefront includes things like pets, skins, hats, and bundles with multiple cosmetics. You can buy the game with beans, which can be bought with XP from playing the game, or you can buy cosmetics with stars, Among Us' new premium currency available for purchase with real-world money.

Cosmicubes are essentially the Among Us version of a battle pass. There will be free and paid Cosmicubes, and they'll unlock special themed rewards like visor cosmetics and special name plates as you play the game. InnerSloth says rather frankly in a new blog post that Cosmicubes are a way for the developers to make real money and continue to make new Among Us content.

"You might have noticed that the game is free on mobile with no ads (we’re working on getting the ads to be a better, safer experience), and you know the PC and Switch version is $4.99. To keep the game going, servers running, and give everyone more free cosmetic options, we’re excited for the Cosmicube update! And then if anyone feels like supporting us, then the paid cosmetic option is there too."

Finally, achievements are live in Among Us as well as limited account linking functionality. InnerSloth says you can "log in, link, and save your progress and cosmetics using the same account" across "most platforms." One exception is that stars purchased on Switch can't be shared to other platforms, though the developer says it's working on changing that.

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