All of the ultra-rare Diablo 4 items have now been found

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The last remaining ultra-rare items in Diablo 4 have now been found, five of which were all picked up within the last few days. 

It's been a lucky few days for some of Diablo 4's players as the last remaining ultra-rare items have now been obtained. Earlier this week, one player managed to find Andariel's Visage, shortly followed by a different player who picked up The Grandfather. Now, over the last 24 hours, the last remaining three out of six - Melted Heart of Selig, The Doombringer, and Ring of Starless Skies - have also been found. 

As highlighted by Wowhead over on Twitter, of these three, Ring of Starless Skies was the first to appear. Next up, as revealed by Icy Veins, was The Doombringer, shortly followed by Melted Heart of Selig which was dropped in Blind Burrows and was found by a Necromancer player. 

For those who have noticed that we've only mentioned 5 out of the 6 ultra-rare items, the other in-game item - Harlequin Crest - was actually found shortly after Diablo 4's release earlier this month. 

One of the reasons why there's been a surge in these ultra-rare items being found could be due to Diablo 4's lead class designer Adam Jackson confirming that these items do actually exist in the game. Over on Twitter, Jackson revealed that the items will only drop from enemies that are higher than level 85 and that players also need to be at least level 85 or in Nightmare Dungeons from level 31. 

Plus, in Jackson's words, the items are "realllly rare" - so it's no wonder it's taken players almost a full month to find them all. 

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