Alienwares latest desktop looks like the Xboxs little brother

The X51 is the newest PC from Alienware and it looks like the original Xbox’s little brother. It may be called a desktop, but it looks like it belongs in your living room, not on top of your desk. Is the PC gaming giant looking to carve a chunk out of the console market with this moderately priced, even more moderately sized system?

Is it meant to be a console-replacing living room computer, or just a step into Apple’s portable, affordable Mac Mini territory? The presentation of the X51 is a tad schizophrenic. Alienware’s inclusion of a wired mouse and keyboard, and lack of cordless options, screams traditional desktop. But promotional text describing the X51 as “designed to fit any living space,” says look out Xbox, we’re coming for you. Still, the inclusion of a versatile HDMI port and devices like the Nostromo gaming keypad suggests that anything’s possible.

An Alienware system to the last, the X51 gives customers their choice of case color, custom lighting, and glowing alien head decal. And as if you needed further temptation, Alienware owner Dell is currently offering free shipping on all systems.

Alex Roth