Alice Braga doing the Repossession Mambo

Futuristic comedy thriller Repossession Mambo just got a whole lot sexier, unless you’re one of those people who finds either Forest Whitaker or Jude Law attractive (and we know there are some of you).

City Of God actress Alice Braga has joined the cast to play the wife of Law’s character Remy. He’s a Repo man working with Whitaker who also happens to be made up of artificial organs. Trouble is, when he gets behind on payments for his latest transplant- a new heart- he has to go on the run.

Miguel Sapochnik is handling the megaphone duties, and Eric Garcia has adapted the script from his book with Garrett Lerner’s help. It should all start shooting in Toronto this October. And while we’re about it, supporting studio Universal should also adapt Garcia’s book Casual Rex, about a dinosaur detective working in a world where the lizards live secretly among us. Trust us when we say the blend of Jurassic Park meets noir would make a great film.

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