A PS5 restock is coming to GAME in the UK tomorrow

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GAME stores in the UK will get a PS5 restock tomorrow morning.

Ahead of the first Black Friday PS5 deals, the store confirmed in a tweet earlier today that "tomorrow morning we will be going live with a selection of PlayStation 5 consoles." It also pointed out, however, that the consoles "continue to be in very high demand and that demand far outweighs current supply."

To that end, the store says it has "strong measures in place to ensure that its '1 per customer' rule is maintained," alongside an "anti-scalping policy," which means your order will be subject to an automatic check. Any purchases made will be considered pre-orders until those checks have been carried out, and cancellations can still appear after confirmation emails have been received.

It's not entirely clear when the new stock will become available, but it'll be worth keeping an eye on Game's social feeds from 8am GMT onwards. Stock might only arrive later in the morning, but as the consoles are likely to sell out fast, you'll want to get in as quickly as possible, especially with the festive season coming up.

Sony seems to have been making an effort to get more PS5 stock into the UK ahead of Christmas, with reports earlier this month stating that it would be using air freight to expedite the process.  It's also recently opened a PlayStation Direct store in the UK and parts of Europe, letting you buy hardware direct from Sony. At the same time, however, the manufacturer confirmed that as a result of the ongoing chip shortage, it had had to cut one million units from its expectations, which could make it even more difficult to find the notoriously tricky console for the next few months.

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