A Nintendo fan has created Mario-inspired cases to hold their Switch games

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Someone on Reddit has made a Mario-inspired Warp Pipe which acts as a place to hold all their Switch game cartridges.

User whopperlover17 (opens in new tab) shared a short video this week titled "Look at these Nintendo Switch game cases I made!" The clip shows that they've created two versions of the iconic green Warp Pipe from the Super Mario games. Taking the top off reveals two little draws which have rows to nicely house your Switch games. Aside from storing games, the top of the Warp Pipe is the perfect size to act as a stand for your favourite amiibo figure to proudly stand atop, transforming the whole affair into a nifty little art installation.

Look at these Nintendo Switch game cases I made! from r/NintendoSwitch

In the video, we get a closer look at the two different pipes that whopperlover17 has created. The large one comes with two draws for your Switch games, but seems to feature a few moving  parts. The smaller pipe is a little more understated, and can't hold as many cartridges as the larger alternative, but its creator says it will still house 14 games.

Suffice it to say, Nintendo Switch fans were seriously impressed with the creation in the comments, praising it and asking if they'd be willing to share the specs of the creation. "Love the smaller one. The large one seems to have the issue of not being able to identify the cartridges well", one person noted.

"It reminds me of one of those pipe things from that Italian plumber game", another joked, while someone nailed exactly what we were all thinking; that it "reminds me of the shaving cream can from Jurassic park!"

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