A Marvel card game has spoiled the identity of Jude Law's secret Captain Marvel character

The Jude Law Captain Marvel character, whose identity may have been spoiled

You can take your blurry toy leaks and all the rest of it and put them to one side. This Jude Law Captain Marvel character reveal comes from real deal: an official Marvel children’s card game. Yep. Really. So, if you’re aching to see who Jude Law (probably) plays in Captain Marvel and what that means for Carol Danvers, then get reading down below.

According to images on the Amazon page for ‘Officially licensed’ Marvel card game Captain Marvel: Secret Skrulls (H/T HeroicHollywood), Jude Law will be playing none other than the long-rumoured mentor-turned-villain, Yon-Rogg. Just check out the third product image on the page – there’s a teasing “Yon—” that gets cut off, but it’s clearly a card attached to the likeness of Jude Law’s as-yet-unnamed Captain Marvel character.

So, why is that a big deal? In the comics, Yon-Rogg is a Kree warrior who wants nothing more than to end Captain Marvel and is frequently as loggerheads with the ex-Air Force pilot. He’s often set up opposite Ms. Danvers as one of her biggest Big Bads. After all, you don’t cast Jude Law and have him act as cheerleader for about a quarter of the movie, never to be seen again.

Sure, the MCU version could take a very different path, but even the new Captain Marvel trailer has hints that he, at the very least, isn’t a very nice guy, telling Carol that she’s “not as powerful as [she] thinks.” What a dick.

Hilariously, the subtitle of the card game is ‘Secret Identity.’ It’s about as subtle as Jude Law’s impending bad guy turn – if that is indeed what’s been revealed. Unless Marvel is pulling a Skrull-style fakeout on us and he’s not what you think he is and is something (or someone else) entirely. Nah, surely not…

Maybe we'll see Jude Law back in some of the new Marvel movies that are coming our way in 2019 and beyond?

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