A disturbingly cute squad of dumpling skins is coming to Fortnite this season

Dataminers have found a handful of unannounced skins and gameplay changes coming to Fortnite later this season. One standout is the fan dubbed "Dumpling Man" that features four different styles of dumpling—chicken, beef, pork, and vegetable stuffings—in their design. 

Some fans believe the "Bao Bros" is the official name for the skin variations, although the source of that information isn't completely clear. The datamined information also included a pug and robed ninja skin, a doggo set of items that include a bowl backpack and a bone-shaped harvesting tool, and a few other skins and items.

The leaks came from Twitter data miners Kleinmike, joehasanaccount, HypeX, and theduderoot, who regularly post images of upcoming Fortnite content. 

The dumpling skin is a clear tie-in to the dumpling restaurant that Epic Games put in the Lucky Landing location of Fortnite late last year. It's one of the lesser visited sections of the battle royale arena, so I'm sure they wanted to spruce it up.

It also follows in the footsteps of several other food-themed skins that tie in with locations on the map. The Tomato Head, after Tomato Town, and Durr Burger skin, after various in-game burger joints, have been staples in Fortnite's short but popular history.

Fortnite Season 9 has only just begun so expect to see more limited time events, like Wick's Bounty, and skins come to the battle royale soon. 

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