30 Greatest Signature Movie Weapons

Zorros Sword (The Mask Of Zorro)

The Signature Movie Weapon: A 38” razor sharp rapier held in a black and silver scabbard.

Why We Love It: A blade no-one would want to get nicked by, the sword also doubles as a unique way for Zorro (Antonio Banderas) to mark every location visited with his signature.

Can You Buy It? You can buy a miniature version which still cuts the mustard. And the butter.

Jasons Machete (Friday The 13th)

The Signature Movie Weapon: A hunting knife with a 16 inch blade.

Why We Love It: Using the very same weapon as the one which beheaded his mother, Jason brings a whole new level of weird oedipal to his killing sprees.

Can You Buy It? Get those veggies for your winter warmers chopped in half the time with a replica knife .

Robin Hoods Longbow (Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves)

The Signature Movie Weapon: A good old fashioned longbow and arrow.

Why We Love It: A timeless classic, Hood’s bow and arrow gets the job done without the need for expensive cartridges. Makes a pleasant whistling sound before it tears through flesh.

Can You Buy It? Richard Head Longbows sell a range of different bows.

Be careful when you get it home, as hunting with one is illegal in the UK. We recommend using equally as impressive looking, yet pointless-in-battle rubber arrows.

Shauns Cricket Bat (Shaun Of The Dead)

The Signature Movie Weapon: A wooden bat made for slogging cricket balls into someone’s flowerbed.

Why We Love It: Shaun (Simon Pegg) using it to bash zombies on the head whilst crossing a grass patch. Shame he didn't use it bopping in time to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, but a pool cue's a pretty good substitute.

Can You Buy It? The props used in the movie were sold at auction. However, you can purchase a cricket bat in most sporting shops and online at Cricket Direct .

Antons Bolt Pistol (No Country For Old Men)

The Signature Movie Weapon: Referred to as a captive bolt stunner (because it’s so pretty), this cattle gun is commonly reserved for ending cows via a bolt shot directly into their brains.

Why We Love It: Livestock killing sticks used as assassin weaponry is certainly a niche method. It’s inventive. And doubles as a nifty lock-picking device.

Can You Buy It? Err...sure. If you really want one, you can browse a selection .

Note: Total Film does not promote cow stunning to those without proper experience. Brighten up a farmer’s day and offer it to him as gift once you’ve taken many, many photos of yourself wielding it with a bad combover.

Gandalfs Staffs (Lord Of The Rings series, The Hobbit)

The Signature Movie Weapon: A wooden stick that doubles as a walking aid, Gandalf’s (Ian McKellen) staffs are topped with a powerful crystal for casting spells.

Why We Love It: There’s no other walking aid that can stop a beast as repugnant as the Balrog. Not even those weighty hospital-issue crutches.

Can You Buy It? You can pre-order a replica from Forbidden Planet . The crystal lights up for when you really want to prove a point.

Cherry Darlings Leg Gun (Planet Terror)

The Signature Movie Weapon: A special prosthetic leg incorporating a Bushmaster carbine machine gun fitted with a M203 Cobray 37mm grenade launcher.

Why We Love It: Cherry’s (Rose McGowan) weapon represents the rise of the underdog. Not one to wallow in the loss of her limb, she instead seeks revenge.

It looks really cool.

Can You Buy It? You can purchase a replica in the US . Here in the UK you’ll have to find space on your shelves for the Cherry Darling action figure .

Agent Js Noisy Cricket (Men In Black)

The Signature Movie Weapon: A small pistol with a thin, pointed barrel. It fires giant orbs of energy accompanied by the sound of a cricket.

Why We Love It: Just goes to show that size doesn’t always matter, as this teeny weeny firearm has the recoil of a much larger gun. Don’t judge a book, and all that.

Can You Buy It? You can pre-order a replica on eBay , and they’ll let you know if it can be shipped to the UK. Failing that, we’d opt for the much cheaper and messier model kit .

Hellboys Good Samaritan (Hellboy)

The Signature Movie Weapon: Hellboy’s firearm is forged from the blessed metal of Irish church bells, crushed up crucifixes and wood from Christ’s cross.

Why We Love It: It only fires bullets made of garlic, holy water and white oak shavings. Father Merrin really missed the boat on this one.

Can You Buy It? In the US you can ! Due to UK firearm regulations it likely won’t pass customs, so best to whip out the PVA, lay down the newspaper and make your own .

Prince Colwyns Glaive (Krull)

The Signature Movie Weapon: A star-shaped weapon, the Glaive acts similarly to a boomerang, with added retractable blades.

Why We Love It: It emerges from a fiery lava pit pretending to be a crusty old starfish when it’s actually a deadly homing weapon that’ll leave you without fingers. Cunning.

Can You Buy It? It seems Glaive props and replicas are on the rare side. However, one Krull fan creates his own which he sometimes sells on his Facebook page .

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