30 Greatest Signature Movie Weapons

Deckards PKD Blaster (Blade Runner)

The Signature Movie Weapon: An LAPD issue blaster gun, complete with two triggers in case one gets a bit sweaty.

Why We Love It: Aside from its cute LED lights, this piece can blast away those pesky Replicants at a great distance. Through massive panes of glass.

Can You Buy It? A PDK blaster resin model kit is available from Frontier Models . This way you’re allowed two bragging rights; you made it and you own it. Well done, you!

Stuntman Mikes Stunt Cars (Death Proof)

The Signature Movie Weapon: Two stunt cars; a black 1971 Chevy Nova and a 1969 Dodge Charger. Both are modified with a safety cage so the driver can withstand any vehicular accident.

Why We Love It: Nothing else on this list comes as close to the aesthetic cool these classic cars possess.

They look badass.

Can You Buy It? Over at Car and Classic , Chevy Novas imported from the US appear from time to time for sale, and Dodge Chargers pop up from time to time on Auto Trader .

They are however, just normal cars. Without a death-proofing option.

Ripleys Pulse Rifle (Aliens)

The Signature Movie Weapon: The M41A pulse rifle has a 99-round magazine capacity, as well as a pump-action grenade launcher affixed to the underside.

Why We Love It: Purely for the sexually-charged moment when Corporal Hicks (Michael Biehn) shows Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) how to use it. That’s some serious firearm foreplay.

Oh, and it makes Ripley’s jaw go all juddery when she fires it.

Can You Buy It? eBay regularly has fan-made replicas available. If you really want to do a Ripley, then you’ll also need a flame thrower too.

Dirty Harrys Magnum (Dirty Harry)

The Signature Movie Weapon: A Smith & Wesson Model 29 revolver. The Magnum .44 is according to Harry (Clint Eastwood), the most powerful handgun in the world.

Why We Love It: It stars in one of the most iconic scenes ever committed to celluloid and only requires one bullet to bring on the pain. So tell us, do you feel lucky, punk?

Can You Buy It? In the UK you can get a Plug Fire Cap Gun version of Harry’s Magnum, which looks just like the real thing.

Most likely best up on the wall in a nice display cabinet. We wouldn’t recommend brandishing it while asking your flatmate if they feel lucky when questioned over who really took out the rubbish.

Scaramangas Gun (The Man With The Golden Gun)

The Signature Movie Weapon: A single-shot gold plated handgun which fires a .17 millimetre 23 carat gold dum dum bullet.

Why We Love It: Disassembled it breaks down into a cigarette lighter, a cuff link, a cigarette holder and a fountain pen.

Ain’t no security screening gonna stop Scaramanga (Christopher Lee.)

Can You Buy It? A limited-to-1000 prop replica is available through Amazon . Highly collectible, this badboy will set you back £1200. Time to smash those piggy banks.

Candymans Hook (Candyman)

The Signature Movie Weapon: A giant steel hook attached to Candyman’s wrist after his hand was cut off by a lynch mob.

Why We Love It: After Dustin Hoffman made them all cute and shiny, Candyman’s bloodied, rusty hook returns the fear. Despite bizarrely having fought off inevitable corrosion.

Can You Buy It? A signed prop replica by the Candyman himself, Tony Todd is up on eBay .

Scarfaces Machine Gun (Scarface)

The Signature Movie Weapon: An M161-A complete with an M-203 grenade launcher.

Why We Love It: Simply put? This isn’t JUST a gun. This is Tony Montana’s Little Friend. Yeah. This weapon has a pet name.

Can You Buy It? You can gussy it up as Scarface (Al Pacino) at Halloween with a replica version that was used in the film.

Robocops Auto 9 Gun (Robocop)

The Signature Movie Weapon: A modified Beretta 93R pistol, the Auto 9 features a long barrel and a raised rear sight. Typically fired in three round bursts.

Why We Love It: In the movie, it is touted as having a ridiculously large 50-round chamber, which no doubt helps when Robocop (Peter Weller) completely decimates a paper target.

Can You Buy It? A resin replica model is available, which requires a paint job. While it might not help in fending off crimelords, it’ll sure look dapper atop the mantelpiece.

Freddy Kruegers Glove (A Nightmare On Elm Street)

The Signature Movie Weapon: A hand glove complete with razor-sharp knives for fingers. One to make sure you don’t pop on inside out when in a hurry.

Why We Love It: It is so much more than simply a utensil for disembowelling terrified teens. It can also cause terror when dragged slowly down a blackboard. A devious weapon, this.

Can You Buy It? Through Amazon you can pick up a prop version, with unsharpened blades. Still looks pretty terrifying to us.

Han Solos Gun (Star Wars trilogy)

The Signature Movie Weapon: Favoured for its ability to penetrate Storm Trooper armour, the DL-44 heavy blaster pistol comes complete with an added rifle sight and fires with surprising accuracy despite its diminutive size.

Why We Love It: It’s a modified Mauser pistol, with just enough flair and sass to appeal to Han (Harrison Ford.) Also, its humble stature means it doesn’t hog unnecessary screentime.

Can You Buy It? You can pick up toy replicas at Etsy , and if you really want to go make the ladies weak in the knees, you can follow in the footsteps of these guys and make your own.

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