30 Greatest Signature Movie Weapons

The Brides Sword (Kill Bill)

The Signature Movie Weapon: A custom-made Hattori Hanzo katana sword.

Why We Love It: An emblem for The Bride (Uma Thurman) and her vengeance streak, this sword takes out an entire fleet of Yakuza. 88, in fact. Who were crazy.

Can You Buy It? Barrington’s Swords offer a full-scale replica.

Be warned, this carbon steel blade is no toy, so no answering the door to terrified Trick or Treaters wielding it. No matter how much you want to.

The T800s Shotgun (Terminator 2: Judgment Day)

The Signature Movie Weapon: A sawn-off, 12 gauge, lever-action M1887 Winchester shotgun.

Why We Love It: Purely for the moment when the T800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) cruising on his Harley, effortlessly spins it before firing off a round and blowing open the viaduct gates.

Can You Buy It? A limited edition replica run of 250 sold out, but you can still opt for a tiny plastic toy version to act out those Hasta La Vista fantasies with your old GI Joes.

Thors Hammer (Thor, The Avengers)

The Signature Movie Weapon: The Norse God’s chosen implement of justice is a Lump hammer named Mjolnir.

Why We Love It: This is one weapon with very high standards. Mjolnir won’t let just anyone wrap their mitts around her weathered handle. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) pretty much has to sacrifice his own life in order to be worthy enough to wield it.

Can You Buy It? You can order a genuine replica which fits Marvel’s specifications via Etsy .

Might help getting that DIY done in half the time. Be careful, mind. The temperamental Mjolnir might embed itself into the wall if you’ve not performed sufficient sacrificial deeds.

Wolverines Claws (X-Men Series)

The Signature Movie Weapon: Three retractable bone claws on each fist infused with Adamantium, enabling them to cut through any material (except Captain America’s Shield, that is.)

Why We Love It: It saves Wolvie (Hugh Jackman) plenty of time during battle, never having to worry if they’ve been cleaned, reloaded or require a new holster.

Plus helps with all those hard to reach nose goblins.

Can You Buy It? eBay has a variety of replicas and toy available, unclear if they come complete with bone fusing capabilities.

Ashs Chainsaw (Evil Dead Series)

The Signature Movie Weapon: A red Homelite XL chainsaw, retrofitted onto Ash’s arm stump where his evil hand previously lived.

Why We Love It: Not only is it handy (guffaw), it’s buzzing blade helps Ash (Bruce Campbell) forge other weapons. Namely his sawn-off Remington ‘boom stick.’

Can You Buy It? Hell yeah! Evil Dead Chainsaws , based here in the UK, make all of the slightly different saws Ash uses throughout the series. Groovy.

Captain Americas Shield (Captain America, The Avengers)

The Signature Movie Weapon: Cap’s shield, known for being indestructible, is made from an adamantium steel-vibranium alloy. It’s the latter component’s ability to absorb any hits that marks it out as a fantastic weapon.

Why We Love It: Not only does it look pretty spiffy with its patriotic colour scheme, it doubles as the best sledge EVER.

Can You Buy It? Pick a full-size replica up at Joke (note: may not contain actual vibranium.)

Indiana Jones Whip (Indiana Jones series)

The Signature Movie Weapon: A bullwhip made from bark-tanned kangaroo leather.

Why We Love It: A highly flexible piece o’ kit, the whip gets Indy (Harrison Ford) out of a host of scrapes.

Including swinging over chasms and yanking levers from a great distance. And who doesn’t love an archaeologist who uses a frickin’ whip?

Can You Buy It? Own a genuine Indy whip , crafted by David Morgan, the guy who created of all the items used in the movies.

Note: Don’t try swinging over chasms / whipping it about at the pub unless supervised by an adult. Who hasn’t seen the films and therefore won’t shove you aside so they can try.

The Ghostbusters Proton Pack (Ghostbusters)

The Signature Movie Weapon: A portable particle accelerator system, which fires out a charged proton beam. For catchin’ ghosts.

Why We Love It: For giving us the nigh-on endlessly quotable line “Don’t cross the streams.” Seriously, where would we be today without that line?

Can You Buy It? Etsy has full replicas available. If you’re a dab hand in the toolshed, follow these instructions and have one in your hands in less than 24 hours.

Luke Skywalkers Lightsaber (Star Wars trilogy)

The Signature Movie Weapon: The formal weapon used by Jedi Knights, Luke (Mark Hamill) opts for a single blade lightsaber. He later pimps it, and upgrades to a green crystal one. Fancy.

Why We Love It: How can you not love it? Its distinctive whooshy sound accompanied millions of childhood stick fights worldwide.

Can You Buy It? Become the envy of every boy who ever had floppy hair and big Jedi-shaped dreams, and pick up the officially licensed version of Luke’s saber over at Amazon .

Iron Mans Suits (Iron Man, The Avengers)

The Signature Movie Weapon: Constructed using a mixture of alloys surrounded by a force field, Notable attachments include jet boots, hand repulsors and a chest beam.

Why We Love It: A metal suit with jet propulsion boots and giant beams? Being able to FLY? That’s two reasons, right there.

Can You Buy It? You can grab a love handle huggin’ costume onesie . But on their own they just don’t cut it.

Fear not, one store has Stark’s facial hair for sale, to add that extra degree of authenticity when you peel off your sweaty onesie.

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