24 Hours of Halo 3

Realizing the unthinkable has happened - the beta, hyped up for months, has missed its start time - Charlie and Brett search for a way to keep the readers' spirits up.

GamesRadarCharlie (5:40 AM): Halo 3 - RELEASE DATE. It's September 25! Just over four months away. Wow.

Halo 3 Releae Date

GamesRadarCharlie (6:44 AM): Darkangel, Edgey, LJE... yeah, it totally sucks that the beta is not up yet. They've had months to prepare for this day, right? To ease your pain, here's some Team Slayer video on Valhalla. Watch until the end to see us blow a Mongoose out of midair with the Brute Shot. It's awesome, and hopefully you'll be getting to do it yourself SOON.

Blue Screen of Death