24 Hours of Halo 3

While Charlie investigates what the hell is going on, Brett starts compiling thoughts and strategy from his time in the Friends and Family beta.

GamesRadarBrett (5:56 AM): Ok, what don't people get about Territories? When there's only ONE territory left to defend... defend it! Why am I the only one holding off 3-5 guys at once? I'm not good enough to keep that up. On the plus side, I DID get three back-to-back kills while defending the bunker territory on High Ground. Some fools rolled in on a Mongoose, drove right over my grenade. That's two, then their buddy walks in all "omg wtf?" and he was promptly assassinated.

GamesRadarBrett (7:20 AM): Call me "not that great at Halo," but I reaaally can't stand snipers who can pick you out of the air while blasting from the man cannon. That seems... excessive. Glad you're good and all, but when you can zap three people in a row in one shot as they're flying through... jeeze. That's a one-sided fight. /random complaint

spartanB232 (7:33 AM): try Valhala on VIP and have the VIP and a small party go to the turret in the middle of the map and then the VIP takes it and the party escorts him back to their base making the VIP almost invincible from med and close range combat you can also try to put him in an area where they can't snipe him so he is unkillable

GamesRadarBrett (7:46 AM): Thanks for the info! Snowbound has an excellent spot for VIP as well - in that underground bunker behind one of the see-through walls. Get a couple of friends on each side, VIP tucked behind them and the wall, hardly anyone can get through. Good stuff. And still no word on the Crackdown demo. It's about three hours late at this point.

GamesRadarCharlie (7:48 AM): Hey everyone, we've written to Microsoft's PR about the delay... as soon as we get any answers, we'll post them here. In the meantime, if you manage to download the beta and get it working through Crackdown, let us all know!

GamesRadarBrett (8:02 AM): You know that room in High Ground with the computers buzzing like crazy? They're beeping and blooping the whole freakin' time you're trying to defend a territory or the flag? Yeah, you can smash 'em so they'll shut up. Just thought everyone'd like to know. 4,214 players online, building steam slowly but surely. Wonder what the high point will be?

GamesRadarCharlie (8:36 AM): The second screen seen 'round the world. Waiting... waiting... waiting. How many people are playing Crackdown for the first time in months just to pass the time?

Gray Screen of Purgatory