24 Hours of Halo 3

Desperate and delirious at this point, the GamesRadar staff finds bizarre ways to pass the time until the beta is fixed. Like, seriously bizarre.

GamesRadarTyler (12:06 AM): To anyone who is still reading... we've been up since before 5am yesterday morning. This is the last stretch... about five more hours and our 24 hour betathon will be over. We're downing soda and generally acting like five-year-olds after way too much sugar. Without further ado, Charlie and Brett in.. this.



GamesRadar is an awesome place to be in the middle of the night. It really is.


Yeah, that's Master Chief breast feeding Megaman. Sorry if our posts are scarce. We'll be back in full force soon. Oh, and also remember, to do this whole 24 hour Halo thing, several of us have been here since 5:00 am, and still have many hours to go.