24 Hours of Halo 3

With the Crackdown side of the beta nowhere in sight, the readers start living through us vicariously. We oblige by pumping out user-requested videos and answering their questions.

Shadow_wolf714 (8:38 AM): Where is Games Radar located?

GamesRadarJoe (8:40 AM): On a pirate ship, or possibly the moon.

Shadow_wolf714 (8:43 AM): I hope its the moon

GamesRadarJoe (8:45 AM): A pirate ship that is circling the moon looking for Booty.

Spydermanfbk (9:02 AM): I don't know if Games Radar already answered this or not...but can you stick a spike grenade on someone...?

GamesRadarBrett (9:14 AM): Hell yeah you can stick a spike grenade. It's very effective that way. Good question!

Dromon (9:15 AM): Hook us up with a video!

GamesRadarJoe (9:20 AM): revenge of grenade face
spike grenade + face = 4w3s0m3