20GB PS3 to require wired controllers

Saturday 13 May 2006
Sony has today cleared up the confusion over the differences in specification between the two models of PlayStation 3 - and the cheaper version won't support wireless controllers.

As announced by the company on Monday, two versions of PS3 will be available at launch - one with a 60GB hard drive, and a less pricy model that features a 20GB hard drive. However, what the company didn't mention at the time is that the 20GB machine also lacks a number of key features that are included as standard in the more expensive model.

The 20GB console won't include an HDMI output, which means that it won't be able to deliver high definition pictures. But perhaps more disappointing is that wireless bluetooth controllers won't be supported; instead, gamers will have to make do with retro-style wired-up versions of the increasingly controversial PS3 pad.

Above: The 60GB version of PlayStation 3 - shown here on the left - is identifiable by its chrome lettering

In addition, the lower-end model also lacks WiFi and the slot for Memory Stick Duo cards included in the full-spec PS3.

A Sony representative on the show floor at E3 also emphasized that gamers won't be able to upgrade the memory of the 20GB version; if that's the PS3 incarnation you opt for, you're permanently stuck with a 20GB memory limit.

Amazingly, Sony big boss man Phil Harrison, in a BBC interview earlier this week, insisted, "What we should be clear about is that the functionality is identical in both machines. There is no difference in what the machine does."

Unfortunately, the actual facts seem to suggest otherwise.