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16 idle animations worth dropping your controller for

Dont play with yourself (Rayman 2: The Great Escape)

Being the oddity that he is, Rayman finds his own ways to make fun. Here, he practices his dribbling by detaching his own torso. Dont knock it till you try it!

Prepare for battle (Metro 2033)

Lets look at some less quirky examples. Dropping your remote during Metro 2033 will incite a weapon-check to make sure all is in order.

For your entertainment (Might & Magic Heroes VI)

Of course, villains need to entertain themselves too--like this witch from Heroes of Might and Magic. She ought to consider the traveling circus.

Never trust a jackrabbit (Jazz Jackrabbit 2)

I certainly wish this next one was only a glitch, but Im pretty sure Cliffy B is just weird. Watch and be amazed as Spaz destroys a UFO and eats a bird for breakfast.

Mark your territory (Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded)

Everyone remembers Larry; he stars in those games your mom would never let you buy. Keep still too long, though, and the neighborhood pets begin to show how they really feel.

See Jim jump (Earthworm Jim)

When all else fails, I often rip my own head off and use it as a jump rope. I see Earthworm Jim feels the same way.