100 Little Things We Love About GTAIV

51) Cars match their neighborhood - fancy cars in suburbs, lowriders in the projects
52) Michelle acts all goody two-shoes, but if you jack a car, she has no problem kicking in the window to gain access
53) Sometimes the tailgate of a pickup truck you’re driving will come loose and swing down
54) After you ram another car, the driver will get out as if to attack you. Only sometimes, they’ll keel over due to injuries
55) If an explosion happens close to you, you’ll hear ringing in your ears afterwards
56) The preacher outside your second safehouse in Bohan

57) Weazel being a parody of Fox
58) How Niko’s dating profile photo changes when he goes from “gay” to “straight”
59) Neat touches in your stats menu; e.g. Miles Traveled - Liberty City to Carcer City

60) www.littlelacysurprisepageant.com - instant five star rating
61) Driving away from the scene of a crime and all the bullet hits that register on your car

62) iFruit phone - simply wonderful
63) Calling 911 to summon a firetruck
64) Street performers like the guy playing the saxophone in the park

65) People working outside - lawn work, raking, sweeping the ground in the industrial sectors

66) Gas stations being prone to exploding
67) Overhearing a White Russian being ordered in a bowling alley (Big Lebowski reference)

68) Taking a helicopter tour

69) Jumping out of the helicopter tour
70) Street names in Bohan named after prisons - Folsom, San Quentin, Attica, Guantanamo, Sing Sing, Alcatraz
71) How “Goodbye Horses” is always on the radio
72) Shooting the propane tank on a hot dog or hamburger stand creates a spectacular explosion
73) How a dead driver’s head falls onto the horn
74) Cars revving in one gear if you don’t ease up on the throttle
75) How easy it is to propel yourself or passengers through a windshield

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