100 Little Things We Love About GTAIV

Even though GTA the quatro has only been out a few weeks, you’d think we would’ve seen it all by now. But that kind of thinking is foolish! Like you, we’re discovering astounding new details every day, and we’re not talking major features like the new aiming system or the wacky shit the colorful locals have to say. We’re focusing on all the small touches that go into making Niko and Liberty City feel well-rounded and three dimensional. And while some of these things aren’t “new” per se to gaming, here are a bunch of things you may or may not have noticed during your jaunt through LC. Enjoy.

1) Radio making tinny feedback noise when your cell rings
2) Hearing other cell phones ring nearby and instinctively hitting “a” to answer

3) Putting on a helmet whenever you ride your motorcycle

4) Newspaper and magazine covers - available at most newsstands
5) Your view from the back of a taxi

6) Blood splatter on windows/walls

7) Videogeddon Arcade
8) Lobbing a grenade underhand most of the time
9) Dropping your cell once you get shot
10) People trying to steal your car and getting dragged while holding onto the handle

11) Love Fist sign in Star Junction
12) Bailing out of vehicles in mid-jump
13) How the garbage men only appear in the wee hours of the morning
14) Niko turning the steering wheel in the direction you’re turning

15) How Niko checks behind him when backing up
16) Shouting stuff like “Yellow car!” when hailing a cab while drunk - he’s foreign after all
17) Construction workers hammering away at the street at the carnival
18) When you turn your car’s brights on, oncoming traffic will honk at you
19) Niko asking for a radio station change while in a cab
20) Your police siren can be partially broken… and it makes a different wailing sound depending on how broken it is
21) People running out of the rain with newspapers over their heads or with umbrellas
22) People besides Niko getting arrested
23) Hookers standing under street lamps… and not just wandering aimlessly
24) Radio news matching internet news matching stuff you’ve seen happen in the game world
25) Little Jacob’s pot smoke billowing out of your window

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