100 Little Things We Love About GTAIV

26) People dropping coffee cups you can then throw at them
27) Jumping extra high off the top of stairs

28) Niko sticking his arm out of a car to pay a bridge toll
29) Motorcycle passengers flying overhead after nasty wrecks
30) Friends talking trash when bowling or playing darts
31) Climbing ladders to stand on billboards
32) The trains spit out blue sparks when they brake into a station

33) Niko’s animations when it rains - shakes his collar out, puts his hand out to catch the drops

34) Vinewood sign in Star Junction
35) Thunder rumbling the controller and lightning illuminating everything starkly for a moment
36) Grabbing hot dogs and burgers to toss at people
37) Friends having different dialogue when you show up for dates on a motorcycle
38) Different dialogue tracks when you restart failed missions
39) Water jets from exposed water hydrants affecting your car and Niko

40) The sparks when you destroy a lamppost

41) Giving homeless people money
42) Giving street performers money

43) Pedestrians exercising in the park

44) Graffiti art inspired byBanksy
45) Shoot a box of Sprunk (in the Sprunk warehouse mission on Bohan) and the soda will shoot out like a geyser
46) Hats and glasses fly off when you're hit by a car or knocked over by pedestrians
47) The camera’s lens angle shifts when you look up - becomes wide angle to emphasize distance
48) Beat-up cars backfire
49) The sun’s reflection off waves when driving a boat during sunset
50) Pedestrians on fire will stop, drop and roll