100 Little Things We Love About GTAIV

76) Free running on rooftops
77) Saint’s Row potshot - Squid Row
78) Street in Chinatown named “Wong Way”
79) Being dragged down the street for hundreds for feet when you try to hijack a car, but they drive away
80) Steam rises out of manhole covers
81) Reflections on puddles
82) You can easily be thrown out of strip clubs (read: walk on stage)
83) Downloading in-game ring tones to play on in-game phone

84) The way Niko looks around before he smashes in a car window

85) Walking up to a group of people and detonating a grenade in your hand
86) Having your eyes adjust when you walk outside
87) Passengers lurch forward when you break quickly

88) Holding your face in pain after you drive into a wall
89) Tires shredding and falling off if you drive on a flat for too long
90) SUVs are prone to roll on tight corners

91) Resisting arrest
92) Making roadblocks in Race Mode while picking off opponents - submitted by Lord Coconut
93) Getting another car to catch on fire just by driving into it at high speeds - submitted by Hiimad
94) Swiveling the camera around in the car and Niko turning his head in the corresponding direction
95) Zombies in Liberty City
96) Engine failure on cars that get too smashed up

97) Looking yourself up on the police computer

98) The way your body leans when you sprint down a staircase

99) In-game penis at the bowling alley

100) And vice versa

May 23, 2008

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