Vote for 2008s best Blu-ray experience

Vote in the BVA Awards – and maybe win an LG player and the top ten Blu-ray discs of 2008 if you participate

If you haven’t discovered the high-definition revolution that is Blu-ray yet, you’re missing out on an amazing experience. Blu-ray is a format that delivers top quality video and games storage – the format takes up to 50 gigabytes on DVD-sized discs. The name Blu-ray comes from the blue laser used to read and write this type of disc. The wavelength (405 nanometres fact fans!) permits tons more data to be stored on a Blu-ray disc than on the DVD format, which uses a puny red laser. A mighty two-layer Blu-ray Disc can store almost ten and a half times as much data as that of a single-layer DVD.

The BVA, the body behind this poll and competition, are the groovy gang who represent the producers of home entertainment media. The industry – including publishers of Blu-ray discs, regular DVDs and even downloads – releases about 10,000 titles a year and the BVA champions and supports all of it. It was established almost 30 years ago back in the days of Betamax.

So get voting! You could choose Mamma Mia (!) but there are plenty of SFXy titles on the list including last year’s awesome WALL-E and The Dark Knight. Have fun choosing. There’s loads more info over at the official website , and the rules are immediately below.


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