Unauthorized Oblivion

Mod Name: Oblivion Topless Mod

Why you need it: What, your 360-owning friends aren't jealous yet? Problem solved.

Difficulty: Challenging

This mod caused a lot of problems for the game's creators, spurring the ESRB to slap a Mature rating onto the PC version. We honestly don't see what the big deal is - the Barbie Doll, anatomically incorrect bodies of Oblivion's citizenry only serve to better model clothing and armor.

But what the hell, if nothing else, you can get some funny screenshots with this easy-to-install modification. Unpack the mod and drop the "Meshes" folder into Oblivion 's Data folder on your hard drive. We mean, your C: drive. You know.

And if you have to ask, our cover model, Envie, is 18th level... barely.

Caption: We've found this is the easiest way to get the guards' attention in the Imperial City. Hey, eyes up here, buster