Unauthorized Oblivion

Mod Name: BTmod

Why you need it: Enormous fonts are for our thumbstick-twiddling console cousins

Difficulty: Simple

Oblivion was created to be played on the Xbox 360 as easily as it is on the PC, and for better or (mostly) worse, it shows. Even though the 360 displays games in high definition, that translates into a resolution of 1280 X 720 - hilariously low for even a mediocre PC. While most things inside Cyrodiil scale in quality to the muscle of your rig, the interface doesn't.

Oblivion's giant menus were born for television, not a high-res computer screen. BTmod fixes that, among other things. If you only install one mod for Oblivion, this is it.

The BTmod makes menu reading a breeze thanks to the much smaller font sizes. The map view is zoomed out as well, giving you a far greater view of the Imperial Province - a huge improvement. It also cleans up the in-game menus a little bit, giving you a numerical percentage for health, magicka and fatigue, in addition to a damage indicator underneath your weapon. Lastly, instead of having to mouse over chat menu buttons, you can now simply select them with the up and down arrow keys. Nice.

Getting Oblivion to actually look like a PC game isn't too hard. First, download the small 230KB file onto your desktop, then double-click the installer program. BTmod does the rest.

Caption: This before and after shot shows how much BTmod cleans up your inventory list