Unauthorized Oblivion

Some people are never satisfied, but we love it when someone takes something great and makes it even better. Pioneering upgraders like Pamela Anderson and the boys at Orange County Choppers would take one look at WWE's Stacy Kiebler and say to themselves, "I wonder if we could make her legs even longer?"

These are our heroes - and they exist in the gaming community as well. They are called Modders.

Modders are folks who make, well, modifications to popular PC games. Like the legendary mod of the original Half-Life - so popular it became known as a game of its own - Counter-Strike, mods can be big or small - entirely new games or handy little tweaks.

The Elder Scrolls series has always been a hotbed of modding activity. The latest game, Oblivion, has already been furiously poked at and tweaked by the modder community. What - you don't think that Oblivion could look any better? Well, read on then - but be forewarned: modding your game is not for the faint of heart. Some mods are more difficult to install than others - and unofficial, unsupported tweaks - so always keep a copy of your save files. But if you follow our instructions closely, you can unlock the true beauty of Cyrodiil.