The Witness walkthrough & puzzle guide

The island setting of The Witness is jam-packed with hundreds of logic puzzles, designed to stretch your mental dexterity to the limit as you try to solve them all. There are also various recorded messages hidden around the island, which may or may not help explain some of its mysteries.

With so many challenges to work through it's entirely possible you'll get stuck at various points, and that's where this guide comes in. For each area I will be giving hints for how to get started, leading to full puzzle solutions if you're still struggling to break the code.

A quick note on controls, as these aren't really explained within the game:
L1 or L2 - sprint when walking
L1 or R1 - quickly switch between panels if they're in a row
R2 - speed up drawing the line on panels
Circle - reset the line on panels

Select a location below to get started...

This guide is a work in progress - please check back soon for updates

Table of Contents:

Opening Garden
Blue & Green Panels
Pink Trees
Pottery (Symmetry)
Orange Trees (Shady Trees)

Sun Temple (Desert Ruin)

Hedge Maze (Keep)

Pressure Pad Maze
Red Tree Temple (Monastery)
Greenhouse (Bunker)