The characters of Xenosaga: Episode III

The Xenosaga series, like any great story-driven role player, is filled with many different characters. Each has his or her own secrets, and his or her own path through the world. Each has a different look, a different tone of voice, a different way of thinking or fighting.

Xenosaga doesn't limit things to a single world - it's a galaxy filled with alien menaces and shadowy organizations that manipulate the lives of people for their own ends. This cast of memorable characters must fight against the corruption and horror visited on people by the conspiracy and danger that plague this bleak future. Some are human, some are androids, and others... are somewhere in between. It's a dark realm of incredibly advanced technology... and base cruelty. Today, we look at the personalities that dwell there.

Shion Uzuki
Height: 163cm (5’4”)
Weight: 48kg (106 lbs)

In the first game, Shion started out as an unassuming scientist. The chief engineer of the project that delivered the series' sexy focal point - KOS-MOS, the insanely powerful and scantily-clad android - she's since given up working for The Man and instead leads a pack of misfits around the galaxy trying to get to the bottom conspiracy after conspiracy. Though her personality has always been strong, this has gradually resulted in a much sexier look over the years the story's been taking place...

Shion lost her parents in a war that engulfed her hometown as a child. Her boyfriend later died in an accident. In spite of these tragedies, she puts on a brave and cheerful face most of the time, but is a deep thinker and a bold decision-maker.


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