The best of Simpsons: Hit & Run

Not all the characters are available in the main game, but any standard cheat disc like Action Replay Max will open up a host of classic Simpsons folk to play with. Here’s a selection of favorites and rare people from around Springfield:

See… Cletus Spuckler

The slack-jawed yokel is an homage to rednecks all over the US. He’s the proud father of over 20 children and lists his hobbies as collecting “flat-meat” - roadkill, in other words.

See… Comic Book Guy

Most. Sarcastic. Character. Ever. The chunky nerd and proprietor of the Android Dungeon is famed for his dry wit and his passion for comics and films. He also dated Principal Skinner’s mother. Yuck.

See… Dr. Nick Riviera

“Hi ev-erybody!” Meet Springfield’s dodgiest back-street surgeon. He did perform a life-saving heart-operation on Homer - even if it was thanks to help from Lisa reading a surgery manual.

See… Evil Homer

On level seven you can purchase the Evil Homer costume for 450 coins. This outfit comes from one of the most memorable scenes ever, as he dances on the grave of Good Homer, singing “I am Evil Homer!”

See… Ralph Wiggum

The spawn of Chief Wiggum isn’t the sharpest tool in the box, but his unassuming nature and baby-like voice makes him a real Simpsons’ favorite. You should choo choo choose him.

See… Ned Flanders

You’d have to have the patience of a saint to live next door to the Simpsons, so it’s a good-diddly job-a-rooney that Neddy does. He did have one mental spell when his house got blitzed by a tornado.

See… Moe Syzlak

Arguably the most loved character after Homer. Moe’s a born loser who would happily stitch up his best friend for personal gain. Hates children’s laughter as it “cuts through me like a dentists' drill.”


  • SuperBadnik - February 15, 2009 11:41 a.m.

    How is he playing as Cletus on Hit & Run?
  • jayindaouse - December 26, 2008 6:22 p.m.

    Walk on thin air glitch Go to level 3. Go to the harber where the huge ship is (C-SPANKER) find the ramp were you launch into the boat, then drive to the other side of the ship and find the house which has a sign saying Davey jones' hamper. on the left of the house you should see two crates on top of each other, jump on the chain then jump behind the crates you should beable to walk through the house carry on walking through the house when you have come out the other side you should be walking on thin air. DO NOT JUMP or you will die and have to start over again.

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