The best of Simpsons: Hit & Run

Look out for random humor

Moleman at the DMV

Hans Moleman - he always seems to end up being hurt, blown up or humiliated in some way. At the DMV, examine the camera and you’ll blind him with the flash.

Willy and his pig

If you walk into Springfield Elementary and hang around the first open classroom door, Groundskeeper Willy will walk by, stroking his pet pig. Odd.

One dead actor

At the Android’s Dungeon, if you hit examine the robot in the corner, it’ll flail its arms wildly before its chest plate opens to reveal the skeleton of a small, dead actor.

The Seven Duffs

There’s a poster in Moe’s Tavern that changes to display each of the seven Duffs - like the seven dwarves, but for beer. They’re the star attraction in theme park, Duff Gardens.

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