The best of Simpsons: Hit & Run

The top five vehicles

Drive... The hover bike

Professor Frink’s genius creation is lightning quick and handles like a dream. Unfortunately, it’s pretty weak so be careful not to crash too often.

Drive... The hearse

Mixing a great top speed with durable bodywork, the hearse is a powerhouse of a car. You can afford to slam a few vehicles off the road with this.

Drive… L’il Bandit

Snake’s prized possession is the best all-rounder of the cars in the game. It’s got speed, handling, precision and a tough exterior in equal measure.

Drive… Homer’s prototype

OK, it’s not great, but the comedy value of driving the abomination that Homer made for his brother, motor tycoon Herb, is too good to miss.

Drive… The school bus

Otto Mann’s main mode of transport is as durable as they come. It takes a while to accelerate, but its top-end speed turns this into a yellow battering ram.

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